The health of an organization is reflected in its most important assets – its employees. FH Medical is dedicated to preventative health. Our medical team will provide your employees with a head-to-toe collaborative assessment that will give them a complete picture of their current health and potential future risks.

Our Corporate Health Program provides your employees with the best in medical innovation and advanced screening. You can build your own package from the following:


Employee Health and Wellness

Designed to enhance the well-being of employees and reduce employer healthcare costs.

FH Medical health professionals will organize a convenient day with your team to be at your location to conduct employee health assessments and blood testing. We will provide each employee with a detailed health and wellness report and recommendations.


Executive Health Program

Designed to help busy executives reduce health risk factors and detect and treat diseases in their earliest stages. Our Executive Health program is more comprehensive than an annual checkup. Our medical team will provide you with a head-to-toe assessment that will give you a complete picture of your current health and potential future risks.

Our goal is to have you feel confident with your medical results and to know the steps to take to have a healthy and long life.


Annual Membership

Continued care and monitoring from our medical team throughout the year and access to our world-class facility year-round.

Once you have completed your Executive Health program, you have the opportunity to upgrade to our Annual Membership Access and have our FH Medical team support your personalized healthcare plan year-round. As an annual member, you will have full access to our world-class facility and all of our programs and services.

After your personalized care plan is created with your executive medical, our medical team will take the time to understand your health and how it’s trending. With continued care and monitoring from our team throughout the year, we can improve your overall health and reduce your risk of disease.


Premium Program

Our Premium program gives you a full arsenal with which to achieve your optimal health. Be treated as our VIP with this exceptional preventative care program. Sophisticated screening programs detect diseases early so we can proactively help you avoid complications and receive the best possible opportunity for care.

Our goal is to inspire employees to make lifestyle changes that will eventually become life-long habits, allowing employees to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Employees will also have access to the following programs


Health and Wellness Program

Our program helps you achieve real results through mindfulness, nutrition, and fitness. We will help you develop healthy eating habits, increase your fitness level, manage stress, maintain your weight, and more.

Healthy Heart Program

Learning to prevent and possibly reverse heart disease could lead to you living a longer and healthier life. Our Healthy Heart Program is dedicated to the prevention and early detection of heart disease.

Genetic Risk Analysis

Our program can relieve anxiety and help you make informed medical decisions or lifestyle changes. Test results can also assist our medical team with monitoring decisions, treatments, and recommendations. Results can provide you insight into the cause of a particular condition or symptom and can help prevent diseases such as cancer.

Longevity and Hormonal Performance

We will help you make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes to slow down aging and circumvent chronic disease. Our program encourages you to take preventative steps to premature aging.

Medical Weight Loss

Our Medical Weight Loss program isn’t like other weight loss systems. We don’t dictate what you should and shouldn’t do to lose weight-we let your body tell us. We go beyond simply helping you lose weight. Our aim is to use highly skilled medical professionals to help you achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss.
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