5 Tips For A Healthy Heart

healthy heart

Your heart gives you life. The day it stops, your life ends. Your heart works non-stop for you, and therefore it is deserving of your attention, love, and care. But, as life takes over, people overlook the importance of maintaining heart health. In fact, nine in ten Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease and heart attack.

A healthy heart is your wealth. Hence, it is imperative to maintain heart health. The key to having a healthy heart and reduce the risk of heart disease is a healthy lifestyle. Developing certain habits will allow you to stay fit. This heart month, we offer you tips to keep your heart and yourself healthy:

Live a Smoke-Free Life

The habit of smoking is detrimental to your heart health. If you’ve noticed, then people who smoke face breathing issues and get tired quickly. Atherosclerosis is the condition that occurs when there is narrowing and clogging of your arteries. Smoking can cause atherosclerosis. This results in reduced blood and oxygen supply throughout the body. Additionally, the stiffness of blood vessels can result in heart attack and other cardiac conditions. Stop smoking now if you want a healthy heart!

Become Active

The importance of physical activity cannot be undermined. Being inactive reduces your metabolism rate and increases your chance of encountering illnesses. Workout rids you of unnecessary fat, relieves you of stress, increases blood circulation, and boosts your metabolism. As a result it reduces the risk of developing serious health conditions. Dance, jog, walk, play sports, do what you love, but be physically active. Also, take frequent walk breaks at work to reduce your sitting time.

Maintain Your Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol and diabetes can cause harm to your heart health. Cholesterol is a fatty substance in your blood. There are two types of cholesterol – good and bad. Saturated and trans-fats found in meat, full-fat dairy products, and processed foods can level up your bad cholesterol or LDL. Also, get a diabetes check done. High blood sugar levels can impact your arteries and cause heart diseases. Reduce the consumption of processed carbohydrates and sugar to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Stay Away From Stress

Today, most people’s life revolves around work and personal responsibilities. There’s hardly any room for 8-hour sleep, social events, travel, workout, and other important activities. Prioritize your health and manage your time in a way that you get enough sleep. Decide to take frequent breaks and stick to it. Balancing work and life will rid you of stress. Take up meditation and exercise to keep you stress-free and help you live a healthy life.

Eat Healthy

We can’t stress enough on this. Your body needs nutrients in a balanced quantity. Too much or too less of anything can be harmful. Pay attention to what you eat. Eat a nutritious diet filled with fruits, veggies, grains, and nuts and feed your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Steer away from processed foods as much as you can. Along with this, develop healthy eating habits. Never skip breakfast and don’t overload your stomach before bed. Good eating habits can boost your heart health.

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