Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is an exciting field. As technology has advanced, modern medical esthetics has become able to treat a wide variety of different problems using lasers.

A laser is simply a focused beam of light. Laser therapy shines this focused light onto a particular part of the body. Different wavelengths of light will have different effects, which allows your esthetician to target the laser to remove an unwanted piece of tissue with minimal damage to surrounding tissues. Laser therapy is painless and has no recovery period, which is why so many women love it. Lasers have become part of the treatment of many different conditions.

Facial & Body Treatment

One popular use of laser therapy is as a facial treatment to restore your skin’s healthy glow. The laser functions similarly to a skin peel, gently removing the outer layer of damaged skin to reveal the younger skin underneath. This also stimulates the cells in the deeper layers of skin, causing skin tightening, renewal, and rejuvenation.

Laser therapy for the face works very well for softening fine lines and wrinkles. By removing the outer layer of skin, it also removes sun spots or other visible sun damage. Additionally, by tightening the skin, laser therapy reduces the size of your pores, which can be a huge benefit for some men and women whose pores are too prominent.

Laser therapy can also be used for unsightly spider veins. These are visible veins that form, usually in the legs, as a result of aging and the effects of gravity. It can be frustrating to work to get your legs into shape, only to have the esthetic effect spoiled by spider veins. The laser targets the unwanted veins and causes them to shrink away.

Bumps & Lumps

Unwanted lumps and bumps, such as red birthmarks and skin tags (those little flesh-colored bumps that tend to form in places of high friction, such as where your bra straps rub), can also be removed by laser therapy. Sometimes, two or three treatments are needed for complete removal. Because it’s painless and has no recovery period, many people prefer the use of a laser to remove these types of problematic lesions, rather than having them removed during a minor surgical procedure (with a sharp instrument).

This versatile technology allows virtually painless treatment of a huge variety of issues. If you have any concerns about the appearance of your skin, talk with our expert medical esthetics team to find out whether a laser treatment would be right for you. Our FH Medical members have access to the latest in laser technology for the best possible results.