Through our exclusive partnerships, we offer our members access to world-class health screening tests.  Our concierge practice offers our members a world-class experience with short or no wait time for appointments, office visits that can last longer to address patient education in a less hurried environment, as well as a first-class private members’ lounge with complimentary cafe refreshments and healthy snacks. Exclusive private patient care pods, luxury personal health suites, spacious acute care rooms, shower and locker amenities, educational boardroom and much much more.

Members of our concierge medicine practice appreciate assistance with referrals to other specialists and guidance to help them navigate the complicated healthcare environment. A broad menu of professional patient services include examples such as in-office body composition analysis, spirometry, EKG and much much more.

Our medical concierge staff provide reminders to keep you on track with your health goals and with age appropriate testing and vaccinations.  We are here as your very own exclusive private medical team to provide you with unparalleled health management services.

In a concierge practice, your regular Alberta health covered visits are still rendered as in a traditional public practice. The yearly concierge membership fee is paid for private non-covered services (that is, services not covered by insurance plans or Provincial health insurance).