Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition and food science is becoming one of the most complex and hard to understand health subjects for patients and consumers. It is not an easy task to figure all this out alone. With the countless “experts,” food trends, fad diets and other information easily available, how do you discern what is sound advice?

It can be quite a challenge to make smart, health-promoting changes to your diet. Talking to a Dietician and other members of the Medical Team at FH Medical is a great way to find expert guidance. Our Nutrition Health Coaches are registered dietitians who work with you on healthy lifestyle changes and choices. Our medical and nutrition team act as your accountability partners, keeping you on track to achieve your wellness goals.

We will assess your current nutrition and health standards, identify habits you want to change and design a plan that prioritizes what you want to tackle as you develop healthy lifestyle choices.

FH Medical will help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, create and meet nutrition and health goals, design personalized diet plans, improve eating habits, and increase your confidence about choosing and preparing healthy food on your own. We will allow flexibility for your schedule and accommodate special food/diet preferences while still working towards progress and excellent results.

Your body is designed to heal itself and it must be fuelled with balanced nutritional foods. You truly are what you eat. Your first line of defense against illness and disease is the food you eat and the beverages you drink.



At FH Medical, we are committed to bringing our members the latest in health screening and technology. We offer state of the art genetic testing to determine optimal ways to fuel your body, avoid foods that could harm you and identify genetic traits that are unique to you.

Based on your own genetic blueprint, we can create a completely customized Nutritional program that will help your body repair illness and disease, restore proper healthy functions and revitalize your cells.

Body Fat Composition Testing

Our medical grade body composition machines will provide an immediate onsite report for you in order to get a thorough analysis of your weight, body fat distribution, lean muscle mass ratio and other key factors. Using such health technology, this is an excellent tool to track and visually follow your progress.