Life can be incredibly stressful. Sometimes it may feel like you’re juggling too many competing demands and you never have enough time to get everything done. Stress can take a huge toll on your health. It drains your energy. It leaves you with little willpower to make healthy choices about your food and exercise. In addition, stress is associated with both depression and anxiety, which are increasingly common among Canadians and can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Stress is also associated with several chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer, the leading causes of death among Canadians today. That means stress can affect both the quality and the length of your life.


Stress has been demonstrated to have negative effects on the body – including the brain – as well as on psychological health:

  • Telomeres shorten and telomerase levels decrease more rapidly, resulting in accelerated cell aging.
  • Detrimental effects on prefrontal cortex functioning.
  • Immune function suppression.
  • Psychological distress.
  • Increased depression.
  • Decreased job satisfaction.
  • Disrupted personal relationships.

Stress also poses potential harm to professional effectiveness:

  • Decreased attention.
  • Reduced concentration.
  • Compromised working memory and affective regulation.
  • Compromised decision making.
  • Decreased ability to form effective interpersonal relationships.
  • Job burnout and distress: a syndrome of depersonalization, emotional exhaustion, and a sense of low personal accomplishment.


You can’t change the world and remove all stress from your life. But that doesn’t mean you’re powerless against stress. Actually, there are quite a few proven methods for stress management. These techniques can be learned, and then used in your daily life as needed to control stress.

At FH Medical, we provide you with the expert help you need to learn how to manage stress. Our mental health professionals have years of training in all aspects of mental health, including stress management. The relaxation response is enhanced by our space. In our luxurious and tranquil private facility, you’ll find stress melting away immediately, just like at the spa.


Because stress is such a huge part of all aspects of mental health, your mental health expert has spent years in learning to teach a variety of stress reduction techniques to many different types of people.

Even if you’ve worked with stress management before, you’re sure to learn a few new tricks that will greatly help you. Everyone is different, so not every technique works for everyone. You’ll have the opportunity to try out several different techniques, to find the ones that work best for you.

The best thing about stress management is the sense of power it gives you. Many people feel helpless in the face of stressful situations. With your newly learned techniques, you’ll be better able to manage the stress, so you remain calm and in control. You can make better decisions when you feel centered. This can improve every aspect of your life. At FH Medical, we believe in living your best life. Take control of stress and you’ll gain in health and happiness.